Based in Byron Bay, Australia, Scott is a passionate environmentalist and wildlife lover. His images are inspired by a deep love for the ocean and a wish to share that experience with others. Scott hopes that his images inspire others to protect and care for not only our oceans but life everywhere.

All images are taken on a single breath of air while free diving, using only the natural available light . Freediving offers an experience of freedom and oneness with the ocean, weightless and silent, immersed in the serenity of the boundless blue, allowing close encounters with marine life in the most peaceful and least invasive way.

Scott has strong Yoga background, with over 20 years of self practice and extensive teacher training. He is currently completing Bachelor Degrees in both Marine Science and Indigenous Knowledges and has worked in Environmental Conservation and Indigenous community.

Scott is a certified PADI and AIDA freedive instructor, and loves sharing his water skills with others wishing to explore themselves and the ocean.

You can join Scott on a guided Ocean adventure, encountering wildlife such as Humpback, Sperm and Blue Whales, as well as numerous shark ,ray and turtle species. Destinations include the Kingdom of Tonga, the Solomon Islands, and Sri Lanka.


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